Sunday, March 18, 2007

I actually found a four-leaf clover!

Must have been a sign from St Patrick. It’s busy being pressed behind the photo that Krish gave me at the pirate party.

Which reminds me, I wanted to give Nat a special mention of thanks here, as, not only did she make the “Pirate of the High Teas” (little stick man with teabag for a head), but she made an hilarious profile to match, which I did not discover til my last minute packing the next day. I was going to post the profile on here, but can’t find it at present.

Other things happening this week: I have been actually doing stuff – contrary to the warning/advice I was given a couple of weeks ago when I started; I’ve been defining my role as town linguist; I’ve been meeting and greeting - professionally, I’ve been meeting the interpreters, and will soon be meeting people who use the interpreting service; socially, I’ve been getting to know people in town with weekly meditation and other gatherings. More of which will happen tomorrow in Pine Creek where a bunch of us are going to celebrate Colleen (another linguist)’s birthday. I’ve been attempting to make her a card today, but my useful box is at home – Or possibly in the rubbish, mum? – I’ll have to make do.

Last night I rode a bike to my friend’s house and back. It took a while to get going – read: I walked the bike a lot of the way there – but I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. John, you would be so proud!

Have hardly been able to function today because of the heat. But I did manage to get a load of washing done. And I’ve been slowly reading through a book on Katherine and it’s recent history. It’s cooled down a bit now, quite pleasant actually. There is thunder rumbling around the horizon’s edge, but no rain – yet.

House hunting is not going particularly well. Salome (another linguist, out with whom I am planning to move) and I looked at a place last weekend, but they don’t allow dogs (Salome [pron. Sal-o-mee, stress on middle syllable] had a dog). Luckily neither of us are in dire straights re accommodation, so we are just cruising till the right place comes along.

Have discovered my iPod shuffle can plug into the amplifier here, so I haven’t been entirely forsaken by the likes of Ben Folds, The Strokes, Killers, George, Ani Di Franco or Björk. Huzzah!

Pa, I hope your predictive text is going well. I will try and text you some time this week.

Phil, look forward to catching up on all the goss from arts camp.

Dee, awesome chat on the phone the other night. Don’t forget how welcome you are to wander up the hill and say hi to mum/the cats. You can even try some twig tea if you’re really keen!

Imo, hope to hear from you on Monday about the job. Chookas.

All the rest of you, hope you’re keeping well, have loved catching up with those of you I’ve spoken to. Those of you up with whom I have not yet caught, hope you’re keeping safe and doing well. Send emails – even if I don’t reply, I still read them and enjoy hearing about all the Melbourne goings-on

PS. Anyone planning on coming up to the top end, please stop by and say hi.


pa said...

Dear Hooch
You appear to be having a ball in Katherine. May it continue so.
Arcadia residents celebrated St Patrick's Day on Saturday afternoon with a one man concert by courtsey of Peter (an Irishman
with lots of blarney) our senior male nurse clinical supervisor. He led a sing-along of Irish songs and played about four instruments,including a hand held drum and Irish tin whistle. He also srrsnged green decorations in the dining room and green cakes and drinks. It was great fun.
Predictive text is still a mystery to me. Nana and I are both well and send our love.
Keep up the good work on the blog.
Lots of love


xx oo

Erica said...

See my comment on the post below :-)

Hooch said...

Pa- It sounds like Arcadia was a hoot for St Patrick's day. I'm glad you had so much fun.

Erica- what comment on the post below?

Angie said...

Hey Eug!

It sounds like your having a great time! Nothing much is new with me - just working, playing Netball, umpiring and at Uni. So pretty busy!

I did do a fun thing today! I went to one of Brett's 'Crash and Bash' car races today which is basically car races were you are able to crash into the other cars on track. Its so boganish but its kinda exciting to watch! Brett came 7th in the final but that was out of 7 cars but at least he finished as 20 cars started the race and 7 cars finished! And he didn't get hurt which was great also!

Also how did you do you head in the light?

Keep up the blogs its great to read what your up too. I would have been commented earlier but I forgot my blogger details and couldn't make a comment until I had some time to sort it out!

Love Ang Xxx

Dee said...

It's monday again- maybe that means there's another post heading our way :)

I just had the rudest man ever from centrelink .. not the best start to the day!

Using up long distance hugs like they're going out of fashion

xx dayna

Hooch said...

Don't worry - there's plenty of Hugs, and they will never go out of fashion.

Great to hear from you Ang, say hi to Brett from me.

The next post is a bit late, as Iwas busy all weekend and had my 4WD course yesterday - so couldn't have posted it (even if I had written it yet).

Love you all, Catchya soon.

Anonymous said...

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