Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to the Taj

- 1. Anything can be recycled if you put your mind to it.
- 2. Learn Backgammon. Right now; off you go!
- 3. Keep the clutter off the bench.
- 4. There is no rule four.
- 5. Don't bump the gate.  This includes the King!

- The Lord's Classic, or Roo'n'Salad (pron. 'Ruined Salad')
- Orgasms, aka The Best Coffee in the NT.
- Champion's Breakfast
- Fridge Surprise

- The King's "Good morning! Good morning!" sung in the wee hours.
- Noodlicious Pool Volley Ball.
- Charm.

Cardinal Sins:
- not refilling the ice-block tray.
- plugging country music at high volumes on Saturday mornings from neighbouring houses.
- lobbing petrol bombs into the yard.
- buying the product because the packaging will look cool when recycled.

- Fresh as a lettuce (trans. bright eyed and bushy tailed)
- Fresh as a Woolies lettuce (trans. not so bright eyed and bushy tailed; often a descriptor of those who may have boogied at the Base the previous evening)
- Have you been eating clown shit? (trans.  Who's a f***ing comedian!?)
- Captain Selfish (def. something created from uninhibited, free and conscious choice for the self and the self alone).