Friday, July 11, 2008

Welcome to the Taj

- 1. Anything can be recycled if you put your mind to it.
- 2. Learn Backgammon. Right now; off you go!
- 3. Keep the clutter off the bench.
- 4. There is no rule four.
- 5. Don't bump the gate.  This includes the King!

- The Lord's Classic, or Roo'n'Salad (pron. 'Ruined Salad')
- Orgasms, aka The Best Coffee in the NT.
- Champion's Breakfast
- Fridge Surprise

- The King's "Good morning! Good morning!" sung in the wee hours.
- Noodlicious Pool Volley Ball.
- Charm.

Cardinal Sins:
- not refilling the ice-block tray.
- plugging country music at high volumes on Saturday mornings from neighbouring houses.
- lobbing petrol bombs into the yard.
- buying the product because the packaging will look cool when recycled.

- Fresh as a lettuce (trans. bright eyed and bushy tailed)
- Fresh as a Woolies lettuce (trans. not so bright eyed and bushy tailed; often a descriptor of those who may have boogied at the Base the previous evening)
- Have you been eating clown shit? (trans.  Who's a f***ing comedian!?)
- Captain Selfish (def. something created from uninhibited, free and conscious choice for the self and the self alone).


bulanjdjan said...

Tee hee!!

Wamut said...

the taj rules. and all contents therein.

si yumob bla kofi wikentaim!

Andrew said...

Hope you can see this...

A picture of The Taj Specialities:

AJ x

Anonymous said...

ahh the rules instantly transport me back through the golden gates of a february gone by. d