Friday, June 6, 2008

It is TIME

So, I guess it's time for a new blog. Perhaps a not-so-cryptic one this time.

What's the haps?

I'm going to Barunga (pronounced Bar-oong-a) Festival tomorrow morning. This year we have a stall there, with all our languagey wares. Am looking forward to it, and hoping that manning stall won't interfere too much with participating in all the other festival activities, such as witnessing the spear throwing contest, or the road-safety song comp. V. excited about seeing Archie Roach, as found one of his albums in plastic bag of random tapes in back of previous house's linen-press and have grown quite fond of it.

In other news: I spent the first half of this week relearning what cold crisp air smells like: four days in Alice Springs for professional development was just what the doctor ordered. Though, two 16hr bus rides in one week is a little taxing, one has to admit! The trip resulted in a new ambition: to see the Todd River flowing through Alice. It only happens every couple of years, and it hasn't even rained in Alice for over a year.

Thanks to all concerned re my stressful situation. Things are still quite strange, though I am now in possession of the notion that things will be ok, the sun will rise tomorrow (and even tomorrow's tomorrow!), and, thank you Gloria Gaynor, I will survive. Truth be told, things are even becoming somewhat humorous as new an bewildering events unfold before my eyes.

Well yumob,

That's all for now. Please update me on what's your haps in the comments.

(Warlpiri: That's all)
(Pron: Ngoo-la-joo-goo)


Wamut said...

I wonder if we can hear about any amusing and bewildering unfolding events... without naming names of course. If not, that's okay... i'm just happy you can find some yooma in all the havoc.

Hooch said...

Ai nomo gadim enijing bla repot yu nomo sabi. yu sabi holot maidi?

bulanjdjan said...

Bat mi, ai nomo sabi enjing!

And your use of the word 'blog' always throws me! When you say 'it's time for a new blog', I think you mean you're moving to a new website - but I think you mean 'I'm going to write a new entry on my blog' - what I would refer to as a new 'post'.

Ah, linguists and their wacky use of language!

Hooch said...

hmm... quite. Or perhap they (or at least me) are just slack. Yes, I do/did mean write new entry; I often use 'post' and 'blog' interchangeably. Sorry for confusion