Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kath to ELQ

Guess where I went on the weekend?

If you guessed El Questro Wilderness Park then you are spot on.  :)  Different timezone: sunsets at 5:15pm and sunrises at 5:00am (as opposed to the 6:30am NT sunrises I which I happily sleep through).  Temperate climes and fantabulous company (the King and the Legal Eagle).  A total distance of 604km and about 7hrs' driving.  Top it off with a swag under the stars, a photo shoot with yours truly  the Hoochery, and some gorge-ous hikes.  Ah, bliss!

Here's the rootin' tootin' route:

(Gurindji: awesome!)


pa said...

Hi Hooch,

That's the spirit.
Glad that everything is going well with you. Helen and John G are taking Nana and me to visit Julie's this afternoon.

Love from Nana and Pa
xxx ooo

Catherine said...

Good on you Hoochie-Mumma! Sarah and I took my Hyundai to El Questro once...she survived the corrugated roads-Phew! (the Hyundai that is!) Such a beautiful place!!! Well done to you... I'm guessing who I think the King and Legal Eagle might be...I think I know who the King is, but can't quite figure out who Legal Eagle might be-a tantalising mystery-ya!!! So glad to read that you're getting out and about for fun and not just work!!! Yeah yeah! Sending you love and smooches!