Wednesday, July 4, 2007

SWOT that issue!

Secretariat of SNAICC (National Aboriginal and Islander Child Care) has heaps of links to articles and discussion on the child abuse issue. It's also got links to articles which expose the Howard government's continued cuts to funding of projects which were combating the issues of child abuse. Here is an example.


Angie said...

Hey Eug!!

Sorry its long time no hear! I have just had my second lazer eye surgery and it went really well! The last one lead to a lot of pain but this one so far has been great!!

I wanted to tell you I got a new job! I am working as the jewellery repairer for a company called Mimco which means I repair all the stock from their 17 store and the David Jones stores! Its so great and I am working from their head office in Prahan!! And guess who I see on the train!! Erin Parker who is working around the corner from me!!! Its a bit of a pay cut but I am really enjoying the work and was so sick of retail!!!

Its great that you have put online information about the new aboriginal laws they are bringing in and the problems with it as we don't get the full story of whats really going on here through the media!!

Also that dog your holding in the picture is so cute!!!

Well I better go! Thinking of you and off to read the link from your latest blog entry!!

Love Ang Xxx

Daniel said...

Thanks for info and comments. I just came across from Noel Pearson in The Australian. The website allows for comments in response to his writing, so you and others there may be interested in contributing to it.

It starts with some Keating Era nostalgia, which is fun for a hack like me, but you need to get past it to the substantive subject matter. Some of it may anger you, but there is also oportunity in the comments facility to get other sides of the story in.

Daniel said...

Shit - sorry I somehow screwed the presentation of that link (embarrasing) but it still works (just click on any part of the coloured text...