Sunday, March 30, 2008

Marching out of March

Here we are again at the end of another month. The chocolate festival has passed and we’re back to a full five day week. But don’t despair: choir is starting in two weeks; there’s a conference in Sydney coming up; and dry season has started (officially, as in, according to meteorologists and everything).

So, Easter: I spent the first two days recovering from a cold, lazing around the house and reading Gone with the Wind. I finally finished it on Easter Saturday night. Hurrah, hurroo! Sunday brought Erica and Dean from the South, and we have a fantabulous time ‘chilling’ in the pool, catching up on goss (oh, the goss!) and enjoying Katherine in all its glory. Post-Egg-Day Picnic at Low Level by the Katherine River; Erica Ordinary’s debut performance at one of the local taverns. And I do believe E&D even enjoyed themselves, despite the lack of the much hankered for last-night-in-town piss up.

We had a couple of showers last week – the knock-em-down rains. Many blades of spear grass, which was as tall as me, is standing crooked and forlorn, snapped by the weight of massive rain drops pelted from a great hight. These are the last rains of the wet, signalling the dry. We are now in for months of clear blue sky, days of 28~30°C, nights just crisp enough to warrant long legged pyjamas, and we might occasionally wear long pants, closed-toe shoes, or even socks!

Remind me to water the tomato plant…


Anonymous said...

GROW little tomato bush, grow! Who woulda thought, its got fruit and all...


Anonymous said...

Love your posts Hoooooooch! Let me know when you'll be in Sydney! I'm planning a few trips for uni this semester! xxxCatherine

Anonymous said...

Hey Eug,

Great post - water that tomato plant!!

No changes down here.

Luke and I are infull swing of house hunting - found our dream one yesturday, auction in 2 week however so just not viable. Fingers crossed its past in!!!

21 girl at work went to dr with pains and dr said she was in labour - didn't even know she was pregnant (so she says anyway). She is a National Account Manager in Sydney (same as me here) so I am very busy!!!

Love ya, Kel

Anonymous said...

Shit - past in - I meant passed in.

Good - I'm in a rush before family come and spelling was very yucky!

Ignore the rushed spelling etc!

And who is graduating with a Masters in writing next week????

Love ya,

Hooch said...

Dee: It's still alive. Hurrah!

Catherine: Keep meaning to call. Love to you. Will let you know about Syd. xx

Kel: Wonderful to hear from you! That's so exciting you guys are househunting. What area are you thinking of (probably the ones you'd like are different to the ones you can afford!).

Don't worry about typos - I do them all the time. Humiliating, but just a product of these busy lives we lead, I guess.

Whoa. That is freaky about the labour pains.

So exciting that you're graduating! Hurrah! Can't wait to read some stuff - do you have some you could email to me?

Lots of love to all you silent readers who fail (again) to comment. I'm sure there are hoards of you! :P


Anonymous said...

Hey Eug,

Yeah - will be good to have uni offically out of the way.

No - areas we want we can luckily afford which is very exciting! :-)

Kel xxx

Anonymous said...

Oh - now re-read my blog. "Not viable", not because of price just other stuff. Defintley looking into working through those though.

See ya!