Wednesday, May 21, 2008

[insert expletive of your choice]!

Well well well. There's water in a well, and there's bullshit in corrupt, nepotistic, power-tripping maniacs. Especially when there's two of them.

But there's at least some entertainment value in 'evil stupidity' (as it has been dubbed - something like the antithesis to 'evil genius'). And one can only trust one's ideals that, some time soon, sanity will prevail (chuh!). Where's the good? Where's the rationality? Where's my union membership? (Ah, here it is! Phew!)

And besides, it's only because I have an attitude problem (or so the new king dick accuses!) that any of this is in the least difficult, uncomfortable, distressing or - let's face it - of questionable legality. And that's not to mention the lack of etiquette for the whole thing. Gosh. Unthinkably arseholic adventures are afoot. See you on the other side!


Wamut said...

Can I borrow $50?

Hooch said...

Only if you take that smirk off your face!

Gnae-O-Mi said...

Hey Hooch,

I'm sorry to hear about work politics making life hard. It's something I don't miss now as a student!

I'm sure you're coping admirably but if I may pass on some advice that I learned the hard way - don't let them provoke you into responding to their bastardry immediately, always insist on time to think. And 'attitude issues' is always the favoured weapon of a dodgy manager (I had a warning on that before) so push them to elucidate on exactly what they mean because they'll find it really hard. You can pin them down if you make them put words to things, especially if they have to write it down.
(I kept a notebook for noting details of incidents I thought were dodgy)
Much Love,

Andrew said...

Hey Eug,

Really sorry to hear that work is crap. Hopefully there are other things that can take your mind off this crapness, i.e. scrabulous or friends, or that bar/pub/club you sometimes visit with your friends??

I thought of you the other day. A colleague was telling me that she received feedback from an event that we organised. The student who attended the event was saying that the information in our PowerPoint presentation at the event was exactly the same as the information on our website and our course guide etc. She said we shouldn't keep "parrot-phrasing" the same information... heheeheh

Also, another colleague used the term "name-de-plume", instead of "nom-de-plume".

I might have to chop her down in one FOUL swoop.

Hooch said...

aaaaaw. Parrot-phrasing :) Gold gold gold.

Yeah, I am surrounded by fabulous friends. It's just exhausting is all.... Humph. Not enough people taking their turns in Scrabulous games though - I have 11 inactive games!

Love to you all. Talk soon.

bulanjdjan said...

Parrot-phrasing and name-de-plume are fabulous and need to be submitted to the Eggcorn database.

Hooch said...

Awesome. Have entered parrot-phrasing. Though, if you google it, it seems to be a well recognised turn of phrase (term of phrase!) which actually has a different meaning to para-phrase. Must have started as an eggcorn though.

Catherine said...

Play scramble with me Hooch!!! Scramble eliminates negative thoughts...except ofcourse when they appear in word-form to haunt you from your scramble board, all synchro-destiny-like. I hope you don't uncover "power-tripping-maniac", "corrupt", or "nepotistic" in your next scramble game with me...that would suck...and defeat the escapist purpose of the scramble match :-) You would get a lot of points though, and maybe even beat me...hmmm...maybe you shouldn't play me after all ;-)

bulanjdjan said...

"which actually has a different meaning to para-phrase"

Pray tell?

Hooch said...

I think it's about repeating things instead of rephrasing them. Below are two opposing veiws on the matter.

Imagine if this person:

Cleaning tip: Don't paraphrase, parrot-phrase!
Clean Language questions are structured around the questionee's own words. For example, your might ask "What kind of X is that X?" or "Is there anything else about X?" where X represents a word or phrase the person has used.

By using exactly the person's own words, you help them to notice precisely what they said and to get clearer about exactly what they meant. As Wendy Sullivan often says, this can make them 'cleverer' - they don't have to waste any of their mental processing power translating your words back into theirs, and can focus their attention fully on the question you've asked.

was talking to this person:

Paraphrase, don't ‘Parrot-phrase’… Much paraphrasing in practice turns out to be mindless repetition of what the other person just said. This is ‘parrot-phrasing’ – not paraphrasing ... ‘Parrot-phrasing’ - simply parroting back what the other person just said - is irritating. It puts people off.

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