Monday, April 2, 2007

Not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesday, not Thursday.

I’m now entering my sixth week here. Still haven’t found a place, but Salome and I are looking at one on Monday. I’ve borrowed Catherine’s car for a few weeks while she is on holidays, which makes it heaps easier to go house hunting. But there are still hardly any places available. Not to worry. NT has a very stress free, ‘no worries’, vibe – see title.

Having posted as recently as Wednesday, I don’t really have much to say. So instead, I think I’ll share some photos of last Sunday at Edith Falls:

The pool in which we swam

Yours truly (yes Dee, I am wearing my ‘hideously bright’ bathers!)


ilkfin said...

Long live the "foot Prince"!!!

It is wonderfull to see your images. Can you send some pics of the town, your house at Rob's your bike and the borrowed car etc?

Have a great time in Sydney and Happy Easter!


claire said...


beck just sent me a link to this here blog of yours - sounds like fascinating work in a fascinating place!

hope you are well, and may the linguistic gods shine on you and your work.

lots and lots of love,
claire (beck's big sis)

Dee said...

thanks for drawing attention to your bathers, I neirly missed them- I was too busy admiring your new 'Look Katherine, I've Got My Whole Neck Protected' hat. Your looking very spunky my dear xx

Dito on Helens request for more pics.. gee, we're needy!

Thanks for our regular chats, I'm very greatful :)

DJ Catastrophe said...

Hooch, you have another blog! My my, what a wonderful way to keep in touch.

Hope HS camp & party were fun -- yes, I've been out of the loop that long!

Hobart is treating me very well indeed. It's just so green down here. I imagine with the wet season you're the same colour up there, yeah? Enjoy the lightning storms & don't go stir crazee!

Your freund in the frudge down south,

PS Thought of you today when I researched the correct usage of who/whom. I still don't get it :)

Geoff said...

Whoa, hey! This thing is neat-o with a capital -. So sorry I haven't gotten onto this earlier, but I've had a delightful morning reading all about your adventures over a cup of cold Pine-Orange juice. Oh, look: the glass is underneath the monitor so I've been litterally reading it over the juice.
Anyway, hoorays and huzzahs for you Eugenie! Glad to hear you're having a good time and there's the odd bound/free pronoun discovery to keep you on your toes.
Oh, and Danya's totally on the money about the hat. Niiiice.

Take care Eugenie!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY EASTER EUGIE!!!! Hope the Easter Bunny found you!!

How handy has that hat of yours been!!!! Looks like the sun has no hope of getting to your face or neck!

Had a great long weekend. The 'Heathmont Gang' came over for a mixture of champane, red wine, hot cross buns, chocolate and walnuts on Thursday night for a good catch up.

Sarz and Jules invited Luke and I to their beach house in Inverlock from Friday to Monday. Its funny - Luke and I haven't been to your house down there for almost 3 years and yet we still managed to know where it was.

We walked along the beach, slept, ate, drank, played footy and soccer, slept, ate and drank etc etc - oh yeah and went fishing.

All in all great weekend.

Love Kel xxx

Dee said...

kind of useful-ish information for anyone in the heathmont hood... Heathmont pizza has reopened under new management and their paizzas are hot, they even have a gormet range- very yum.
I'll keep them in business till you get to tast test hooch x

Hooch said...

do you think they do deliveries?