Monday, April 30, 2007



Anonymous said...

great idea, count me in.

Have a GBW! x

(I am unable to get a comment to work over on onlycoolppl! I don't understand?)


ilkfin said...

Happy Birthday Gertie, we will be toasting you at home and at Nana and Pa's,


ruthi said...

happy birthday hoochy-poo
hope you had a fabulous day and will be coming home to see us soon??
many happy returns for your birthday poo
love the braden bunch
ps. nice going with the cane toad...MURDERER!!!

Daniel said...

Happy Birthday! I will miss the shindig but hope you enjoy it in absentia. I suppose you can always replicate the vibe of the Night Cat by setting the clock back to EST, switching on only one or two small lamps, cover them with orange cellophane, play some funky CDs and pour yourself a drink. Cheers!