Saturday, May 5, 2007

Raging social scene

Again apologies for the delay in posting.

Over the last two weeks, I have been busy conducting a Kriol Cultural Awareness Course (for whitefellas) and then an Interpreter Training Workshop (for blackfellas). Although I have been busy, strangely enough, I have not been 'stressed out' - or at least only mildly so. Katherine has done strange and wonderful things to me: I no longer frantically run around as I watch my plans and expectations crumble before my eyes; instead I calmly sit, or walk to the kitchen to make a cuppa, and watch as my plans and expectations crumble before my eyes. It's a much nicer way to do things, I assure you. The NT is seeping into my system - Not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesday, not Thursday, next time. NT.

Kriol course went well. It was my first time conducting the course, and I did so with much guidance from my fellow linguists, Lauren and Salome. We all presented
different aspects of Kriol language and Aboriginal culture in the Katherine region. Three Kriol speakers helped with pronunciation and facilitating conversation in Kriol.

The interpreter training course was coordinated by me, but the actual training was conducted by Michael Cooke, an expert in Aboriginal languages, and much experienced interpreter trainer. We also had several professionals come in and share their experiences and expectations of the interpreters they work with. The main problem with training was the poor turnout - with only one student for the first half of the last day! But on the plus side, it gives me an idea of which interpreters are reliable, and it was good to be able to see their different levels of skill.

The busy couple of weeks has been followed by an insane weekend. Starting on Thursday with my birthday:

Thursday May 3rd:
6:30am. Pancake breakfast at Damian&Aideen's (1)
--- work all day ---
7:30pmish. Impromptu birthday dinner at home - Rob cooked Roo Curry (2), had such famous Katherine faces as Lauren, Enrique and Salome, and Kim, our international guest for the evening.

Friday May 4th:
Back to the grind at work.
6:oopm. Couple of birthday glasses sparkling wine with Rob.
8:00pm. Arrive (fashionably?) late to own birthday drinks at Diggers Den Tavern (3)
11:00pm. Walk up to 24hr Servo for dessert which we ate standing out the front.

Saturday May 5th
10:30am. Coffee at Cafe Dieciocho (4)
2:30pm. Rob cooked fresh pasta for lunch.
3:00pm. Kriol Bible launch at 40th Katherine Christian Convention (5)
7:00pm. First Tick Market of the season (6)
9:00pm. Katherine Country Music Muster (7)

Sunday May 6th
Typing up blog post.
Tonight I will be making my way over to a Mexican dinner party.

Who knows what tomorrow has in store?

(1) Irish friends who moved up here about two weeks after Moi.
(2) He is famous for curry.
(3) Meant to be there 7:30
(4) Lauren&Enrique's house - they have a coffee machine.
(5) Yes, this was the most exciting part of my day - I bought 2 bibles, one for work, and one for me.
(6) Not Flea, Tick. haha, witty Katherine humour, haha! I bought some local honey and an impossible puzzle.
(7) Yep, this lived up to the country music stereotypes you know and love - girls were 'sweet as candy', 'drinking whiskey', we yeehaaed and all.

Catch yas all later!


dayna said...

so have you also moved house amoungst all of this? or postponed?

We brought a cat for nan today, he is so beautiful, a 10 y.o dark tabby- nan is in LOVE- its so cute.

talk soon x take it easy :)

Hooch said...

haha awesome about the cat. Nah, haven't moved yet - altered living arrangements mean I wont be moving in til next wk.

Adam, I know you read this - why haven't you commented? grrr.

All - please comment. ust cos I've put a comment on here doesn't mean discussion is closed. would love to hear from you all.

Daniel said...

Whoops. I think I am the only person in the world who thinks that but now you suspect others of thinking it too. Well here I am to make another comment. Seems that living in Katherine is altering your written expression - it comes across as much more lax...

ilkfin said...

Hi pi, have you got a reputation or what?

ilkfin said...

I haven't got a clue what to say. Except "Happy Birthday". I forgot to ring you because I lost your number. I went to the the beauty parlour today with Helen and Ruby and had the most delicious pedicure. I feel as though I'm walking on air. I haven't been doing much over the last few weeks. I'm missing you a lot. Your mum is sitting beside me typing and she has got a red nose, red cheeks, and a pimple on her chin. And she tells me she is coming up to visit you in June. She was supposed to be coming with me. But she's now coming with loverboy.

'Haven't seen Immy either for weeks, but I believe she's got a fella and is in love.

It's Friday night and I'm at your place for dinner and TV. Your mum cooked a yummy leg of lamb and vegies and now we're sat in front of the computer sending you this "whatever", like 2 old farts, while John is in the kitchen doing the dishes. And now your mum and I are going to go on the razzle looking for a man for me 'cause I'm getting desperate.

OK, so lots of love, see you soon I hope, Sheila.

Anonymous said...

I went to a party the other day where I knew no one but the person that brought me, and somehow met someone that it turns out knows Lauren (indeed I believe they are good friends), the linguist you work with! Crazy! Never thought I'd mention I have a friend in Katherine working to preserve indiginous languages, only to have someone say "Me too!" but there you go ;-)

Much love,


Adam said...

grr, a comment for hooch :)

Good to hear you've been busy hitting the linguistical social scene hoochini.
Things in clayton have been similarly busy; friday before last I had a mini-housewarming - where we enjoyed some of keano's brewing society's ginger beer (affectionately dubbed "doc" by sarah), went to see the Shakespear society's "Romeo and Julian" (with steve kunz as julian), I interviewed bonjabango who play'd host scheme camp 2+3 this year.. they are so incredibly cool and from New Zealand! - so that shall be written up in the next edition of lot's + I recorded the interview so the podcast will FINALLY be going up after the break :)
And that is all for now.


PS: Could you teach us a few words of kriol or include a 'phrase of the day' in this blog? ... so we can all understand you went you get back :)

Hooch said...

Daniel - does it really come across as much more lax? how intriguing. Well, I must admit you are an unique [sic] individual, but that's why we love you. Hope choir and everything is going well. Look forward to your emails, though understand I am too lax in my own e-correspondence to demand it from others.

Sheila - just cos mum's coming up doesn't mean you can't. If you ever do, you're most welcome to stay at mine, and I'll take you on a tour of the region. Give the dogs a pat from me. Miss you too.

Dean - how funny. Who is this 'someone' to whom you were talking? I'll tell Lauren. Funny that you were talking about me at a party... random. Pls say hi to the philosophy crew.

Adam said...

or indeed "when you get back"