Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Digs

This week finds me in my new abode. I’m loving it here – my house mate is lovely, my bed room spacious. The house is raised so the view from every window gives way to the lush tropical tops of trees.

The main thing I miss since moving here is making my morning and afternoon way to work over the rail bridge through Ryan’s Park. My way now, though a similar distance to work, leads me through the town centre, which has a completely different vibe. When I go through the park, I am greeted by the people sitting there, or I greet them, calling out ‘hello’, ‘good morning’ as I pass. Then recently changed, much to my amusement and delight, last week when one of the Warlpiri interpreters introduced me to a group of friends he was sitting with. Now every time I go through the park I am greeted with calls of ‘hello Nangala!’, ‘good morning Nangala!’, ‘hey, Nangala’ Such a welcoming atmosphere. Since moving, my way through town leads me past people who keep their heads down, not looking at me, let alone talking to me. Perhaps this will change in time…

This week I attended my first bush court at Barunga (supposed to be pronounced ‘Bar-ung-a’, but Katherinites usually say ‘Bar-ang-ga’). What’s that? you ask. Bush court is when the Legal Aid lawyers, magistrate, interpreters and correctional services make their way out to communities to conduct court there. Queenie (the interpreter) and myself spent a peaceful day sitting on the grass discussing stories, people, and problems with interpreters. There is another bush court next week
(Timber Creek), the week after (Lajamanu/Kalkarindji), and two weeks after that (Ngukurr). It’s great to be able to see the places and meet the people I have been hearing about. For some places I need to apply for permission to enter through the Northern or Central Land Councils – I have permission, I must carry a permit at all times while on Aboriginal land.

Well, even after my afternoon siesta, I am bushed (writing this Thursday night, though probably posting on Friday morning). Good night all.

Kriol phrase of the week: Maiti ai garra lenim yu lilbit dijan langgwuj.


Adam said...

Hey Nang,
Great to hear from you, as always :) and to see you (and your dreads) looking well.

Monash news - Thanks to Zoë’s hard work "The bar" is reopening week one semester two.
- Keeno has founded the 'brewing society of Monash' and has been signed on to provide all the beer for green week events - as I type the lot's wife design room is bubbling away with hundreds of liters of keeno's finest...Dara isn't happy.
-Keeno and Sarah are running for activities.
- The mystical force that kept the computer lab under the Menzies dead silent was evidently the "3-working-fluros" ambience, the lights have now been replaced and the only quite room in the uni is gone.
- They re-opened the medley!

Peace Out

PS: Google translator doesn't do kriol, will we find out what it means next week?

PS: I think there is subliminal messaging in my word verification word- tvxsolnt - it's telling me TV is excellent.

Anonymous said...

Hey dude!!
You look a little darker....tanned skin!

Did you get the Express Post parcel Luke and I sent up? Will kill the postmen if you didn't get it. Was a birthday gift which took so long to make. Can you please let me know.

Sent you an email re my beautiful birthday gift. Wore it to my tutoring with the Sudanese refugees today all the women commented on it!!! Just beautiful.

Bush court sounds interesting!

Hope you are taking lots of photos!!!

Love Kel xxx

Wamut said...

im sabi dens, det Nangala. I knew it all along!!

pa said...

Dear Nangala (aka Hooch)
Great to read of your doings and that the new house is so much to your liking. You look terrific in the photos positively blooming. Nana and I are well. Helen and John took us to the National Gallery on Sunday 20th. Very enjoyable. Have you got the new bike yet?

Love from Nana and Pa

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Nangala (man that is such a cool nick name!!!) loving the Katherine's Diary & all the pics. So good to see your face (even if it is only on a screen)
Those frogs looks so much bigger than i imagined they would be!!
Have been busy at work (wot's new) last time i caught up with people was for Erica's b'day/housewarming. t'was fun dressing up. Sorry i've been out of contact. I try to avoid the PC when i can. i look at it enough during the day at work.
Would be good to chat (tho i'll be out 2morow....)
love you

Beck said...

Yay, houses are fun. So now you have a new one can I have the address? I would still like to post that card.

All this job stuff you do sounds amazing. I just can't imagine what it's like to have a 'real' job. Or any job for that matter!! I think one month would have been long enough here. I have begun to waste the days lately.

We will be home in a week and a half. I'm looking forward to 'reverse culture shock'.

There is a wee kitty living in our house at the moment but i shall detail that in my blog. She's teeny weeny, crazy and has a fat little belly. She speaks English, Italian and Japanese.

Sorry for also being a slack emailer but i often think of you.


Erica said...

Ergh! What is the problem with this????

I left a comment on Monday and it's not here.

It was a comment saying you have a small parcel on the way to you! As well a long letter filled with choir gossip. It should hopefully arrive to you tomorrow.

Melbourne's just not the same without you Nangala-Hooch...

xx Erica.

Daniel said...

Hey what is it with you Hooch? Having too much fun to post?

Hooch said...

actually, yes. have been out bush a lot. sorry. but am working on a post....