Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Naughty Nangala!

Firstly, sorry sorry sorry for not having posted in so long. Hopefully I’ve made it up to a few of you with some of the phonecalls. But, yes, I have been off the radar a bit and very busy to boot.

The main cause of my absence is my weekend exhaustion brought on by several weeks of travelling out of communities. I feel like I’m making it sound more full on than it is, but all the meeting new people, learning new surroundings and 4hr or 6hr bus trips really takes it out of you.

My ‘naughtly nangala’ title also refers to my neglect in taking a camera on any of these expeditions. I do, however, have some photos of my housemates, house warming party, house and new bike to make up for it:
Introducing my housemates Catherine and Lyndal!

From left: Lyndal(zebra), Roger(Colleen’s man), Rob (exhousemate), Me, Josh (tree), Colleen(faerie/linguist).

ButterflyBec. Wallaby wannabes, Enrique and Lauren.

Post party cleaning shenanigans
(recognise those pyjamas, Pa?)
New Bike/New House


Adam said...

yay hooch.
news: very tired in my mid-exams state - so this will be rather short.
I have a new notebook, it's new and shiny and writing you this message.

Goodnight hooch.

pa said...

Dear Hooch,
Great to read your blog and your doings in the great outback. Unfortunately I can't open your pictures. All I see is a small blank square with a red cross in the centre. I have tried right clicking and left clicking 'show picture' but to no avail. I have also turned off the antivirus but that did not work either. Perhaps you have a sugestion in the mean time I wiil keep trying. In a recent sms message to you I suggested a strong bike chain and lock. A new bike is very tempting particularly to some one just passing through Katherine. They could pick it up put in their vehicle and be 100s of K away before you even knew it was missing. Nana and I hope that you did not hurt yourself when you fell off the bike. It is Thursday, Nana and I are well and will have a visit from your Mum tonight. Love and keep well and happy.

Hooch said...

Jst reloaded the pictures. Hope they're working now.

Have bought a bike lock. Not hurt from fall. :)

Great to hear about your new comp. Adam. Don't get quare eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude!

The photos look fab! You certainly look as though you have settled right in and your friends look as crazy as we are!

Not much to report on back here except that I've been made coordinator of the adult refugee students I'm tutoring on Saturdays - very exciting. Hard to tutor them all when their English skills are so different!!!

Work very busy! Early mornings, late nights!

Was great you could call when we all went out for welcome back Bec and Dan - saw lots of their photos. Its looks as though they both had such a fantastic time!

Keep posting your photos (getting browner each time!).

Lots of Love Kel xxx

pa said...

Dear Hooch,
Your new bike and accommodation look great. Photos now OK.
Helen and John are taking us to Julies this afternoon (Sunday) for Hugh's 14th birthday.
Keep well, Love Nana and Pa

Daniel said...

Now that I can see the photos I have to say they are hilarious (well the ones that are supposed to be anyway like pj-clad broom-mike vocalist). Inwardly giggling as I write.

Anonymous said...

hooch, its lovely to see you as happy as you sound. Also nice to get a sneak peak into where you are staying.

I hope this weeks adventures have been fun.

Uni's going well. New place is also good- went and saw a french fim with Simon (house mate) on Monday night at Nova, My Best Friend- good film.

can you please txt or email me your current phone number

Love you, dee x