Monday, April 30, 2007

Saturday, April 21, 2007

back to the bloggin' grind

Well, life does get on top of one when one isn't looking if one is not careful, doesn't it?

As, I am too inept (and am not on my own computer, so am feeling even less like 'fiddling around') to draw my bike route from home to work onto this image, you'll just have to use your imagination:

The house I've been sitting in is roughly to the top left hand side of the page. I ride across the southern-most bridge (formerly a rail bridge) across that main road running south there - that's Victoria Hwy - through a big car park (grey patch almost mid left hand side of page), and down the street running parallel to Vic Hwy. My work is that pale blue roof just to the left of the G in Google in the bottom right corner.

I have now been almost a week returned from Sydney at the Critical Link 5 conference on interpreting and translating. I stayed with the lovely Robert, our coolppl Fanboy, who, along with his house mates made me feel quite at home. I hope I didn't intrude too much boys, but I have a great time and you're welcome to crash at mine whenever you find yourself in the big K (yes Steve, this seems most likely to be you, as you seem to get up here quite a bit).

Speaking of 'crashing at mine', this phrase will have a whole new referent in a couple of weeks when I move into my new, more permanent, abode. A couple are moving out of a sharehouse of three, so there's room for the Slomesmeister (Salome) and myself to set up house and home with our friend Catherine (currently famous for being one of the nicest people in Katherine, lending me her car, and starring in our roaming meditation series). All very exciting but no conrete details yet.

In other news, I puposely ran over a Cane Toad the other day. I even reversed to see if I had hit it, and then I felt bad when I saw it's guts popped out onto the road (too graphic? well, I could have included a photo! :P). They hop across the lawn at night, but thankfully the don't come inside so my slipperly little green latrine friends are safe.

Yours truly,

Me. x

Monday, April 2, 2007

Not today, not tomorrow, not Tuesday, not Thursday.

I’m now entering my sixth week here. Still haven’t found a place, but Salome and I are looking at one on Monday. I’ve borrowed Catherine’s car for a few weeks while she is on holidays, which makes it heaps easier to go house hunting. But there are still hardly any places available. Not to worry. NT has a very stress free, ‘no worries’, vibe – see title.

Having posted as recently as Wednesday, I don’t really have much to say. So instead, I think I’ll share some photos of last Sunday at Edith Falls:

The pool in which we swam

Yours truly (yes Dee, I am wearing my ‘hideously bright’ bathers!)