Saturday, February 28, 2009

stuff (and nonsense?)

I hope I didn't offend my (myriad!) of fans with the title of my (unfortunately over two months ago :S) post.  Anyone who clicked on the link would have found a book with the same title as my blog, but whose subtitle imitated (in the negative) the title of the previous post.

(I'm not sure whether I should apologise for all the brackets - it must be the mood I'm in, hopfully my ranting is still somewhat legible through all these curved wossnames)

Felt like I should write, as I haven't in ages, but not sure what about.  But that hasn't stopped me before, so perhaps I should just plow on?  I know at least one munanga (moo-nang-ah: Eastside Kriol for 'whitefella') who shares my pain of literary blockage.

I've recently had two amphibian visitors, photos of whom I won't post here because they can be found here.

I s'pose, in the grand scheme, many things have been afoot in the last two months.  Many or you may know that I have changed jobs.  I have just spent my first week at the new one, still getting a handle on things.  I've also managed to contract Ross River Fever - which, apart from being an exotic tropical disease - hasn't got much going for it.  Oh well, lots of rest, DVDs and mooching is on the cards for me.  I'm already Bollywooded out.

Our (in)famous Taj household is also in a state of newness and change at the moment.  On beloved friend, former colleague and most valued compadre, has left us for the humid climes of the Darwinian big smoke; while another soon-to-be-beloved friend, not-likely-ever-colleague, and all round great gal, will be moving in at the end of the week.  The King and I plow through these changes in a festive and party-like manner -rekindling my love of rope-lights at every opportunity:

Well, I'm all posted out for now.  Hope you guys are still kicken on in good fashion.  Catch you soon.  xxx

(Rembarrnga language for 'that's all')