Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Not the story of a transexual

So I came across this in a bookshop today.

In other news I'll be in Melbourne next week.  Apart from that, not much to report to you guys at this point.  Only that I'm looking forward to catching you Melbourne crew when I'm down under in a couple of days' time (please not my fully sic apostrophe); I'm in one piece and intend to remain so for the foreseeable future; I'm enjoying being surrounded by geeks/nerds (never really could distinguish a meaningful difference, c'mon guys, help me out in the comments) this week.



Gnae-O-Mi said...

I looked into the nerd/geek/dork definitions a while ago after I was labelled a nerd by a classmate - I thought we left that behind in high school! :) Although I can't be sure of her definition, there seems to be the perception that:

- A geek is anyone highly knowledgeable in their chosen area, generally intelligent, unashamed of it and with capable social skills. They may choose to be a little eccentric but are normally witty and good company, if not a social butterfly, possibly due to their disinterest in conforming to the 'popular crowds' requirements. So, all good.

- A nerd aspires to be a geek but lacks the social skills and graces and, whilst knowing a lot of information, doesn't have the level of expertise of the geek. May wish to be part of the popular crowd but lacks the drive/ability to turn their plans into action. A bit like McLovin in Superbad, maybe. No one gets called a 'a sleek nerd', so not so great.

- A dork; From I gather, dorks have no redeeming features at all.

Hooch said...


A most excellent assemblage of explanations! :)


Daniel said...

There is an on-line test which describes the distinction between geeks, nerds and dorks here: http://www.okcupid.com/tests/the-nerd-geek-or-dork-test

bulanjdjan said...

Hey Hooch, how about a 'now it's all behind me' post?? :-)

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