Saturday, October 11, 2008


A month of increasing humidity and high thirties temperatures.  We've had a few sporadic patches of rain,  interspersed with sporadic parental visits: Mother and her man have been trekking through the desert.  They graced us at the Taj with their presence before kidnapping me for a several day sight see of Litchfield before depositing me in Darwin for a weekend out on the town.  They endured the sticky top end capital for a while, but ventured back down to drier (though still fairly sweltering) Katherine and have now embarked on the homeward stretch to the cooler climes of Southern Oz via Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.

I, meanwhile, who have been slogging away at work, have somehow accumulated the busiest schedule in the history of the world for the hottest season of the year.  My timetable as of the coming week includes: A week at Jilkminggan, three days in Batchelor to tutor, another week at Jilkminggan, a week in town (or possibly Ngukurr), a week in Jilkminggan, another three days in Batchelor, another week in Jilkminggan.  Thankfully all this will be topped off with a visit to Sydney for Summerfest2008, and then on to Mtown for a brill xmas with family and friends.

Hope Mtown is keeping all you groovers satisfied with its bookshops, cafés, and whatnot.

(Mangarrayi: that's all)


Laraba said...

Oh wow, lots of whole weeks in Jilkminggan. I never stayed overnight... But I loved Mangarrayi, and working in the school there. Do say hi to everyone who remembers me there!

Maggie :-) (from Germany)

(yes, I read your blog...)

Hooch said...

Hi Maggie,
Have heard lots about you. Maybe one day we'll meet in person. Thanks for reading my blog :) Will say hi to all the Mangarrayi mob.

Eugene said...

Come visit me! It's much cooler here (figuratively and literally), plus we have beaches.

Hooch said...

Eugene! Hope the South end is going well. V. jealous about the beaches!

Dean said...

Be great to have you down in Melbs around Xmas. Evidently several fcbk pokes are insufficient to prompt a call, so I'll have to give you a buzz soon ;-)

Your friend,
'Slave to his philosophy'

Boluwatife Dollars said...

This is cool!